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Writing and Making a Book

This body of work is composed of multiple mixed media handmade visual journals. This project is collaboration between myself and public in general. As an art instructor I love being able to inspire and encourage people to feed their natural curiosity and creativity. The purpose of this project is measure the willingness of people step out their comfort zone’s and take action in art making or remaining apathetic to it.

I will start a foundation for each of the journals and then I will take the journals to public locations for example a cafeteria or a classroom and provide them with various supplies. Then it is up to people create or destroy whatever they want on the journals. I will be documenting the process.

Once that is completed I will go in and edit each piece be adding what needs to be added or removing what I think is needed until each piece is completed. What is left behind will serve as a visual documentation of creative and flexible thinking.

However, this is not the final stage of the project. At my exhibition I will turn the pieces back over to the public. Without giving instruction I will have various stations with art supplies scattered across the room. I will have journals on the walls, and on tables in the room. There will also be a video on a loop with the documentation of the process will be playing. This will be a test to see if people from the general public will take initiative and start a process of their own art making out of curiosity or if the ideas of how a standard gallery exhibition is supposed to operate will discourage people from taking a leap into their own desires and creativity. This will serve not only as the creation of a physical art object, but also as performance art.

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