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My Art:



Watercolor Mixed Media on Paper

4ft x 25 ft

In Collaboration with Dylan S. (Age 5), Courtney C. (Age 22), Marianne B. (Age 46), Jacaob M.( Age 26), April P. (Age 29), Melissa M. Age (31), and Annie H (Age 37)

All of my paintings as a whole, represent one central concept which
expresses my interpretation of community, art education, and life experiences. By using canvases as the pieces of a larger installation, they come together in different combinations to form a cohesive and in-depth dialogue with each other.


By taking my methods of abstract art making I have begun to engage my local community with it in my work “Initiative.”  To do this I construct an artistic forum for people of all ages who want to explore abstraction in art collaborative setting. By using my methods abstract art creation and the basic rules of design as a guide through the process I work with these individuals to create a larger piece composed of many parts. The end result of the abstract collaborations is always somewhat unpredictable, making each painting totally unique and individual, but together they function as one piece.