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 Theresa Bean


Born 1989 in Silver Spring, MD Theresa Bean has been producing art and educating about art for a decade. She has a BFA from Shepherd University with a concentration in painting and education.  Bean is currently employed as a Visual Arts Specialist in a Children’s Museum. Her focus is on advocating for and developing creative programs to make art accessible to all.

Bean incorporates the elements of art and principles of design, in each project. She teaches techniques and offers experiences with a variety of materials. These projects are chosen so that students will have success and become confident with their creative abilities no matter what their skill level.

Theresa Bean's style of painting is her own approach to abstract expressionism. Embracing spontaneity,  form, and process each of her pieces represents an exploration of color, depths, and relationships between mixed media.  

Theresa Bean has participated in collaborative art shows, juried exhibitions, hosting community-based projects, and group shows. Her recent work revolves around engaging a curious public in the art-making process.